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The EVAC+CHAIR is designed to carry incapacitated people down stairs in an emergency evacuation when the lifts are not working. droppedImage_4The EVAC+CHAIR is portable – no installation or modification of stairways is required.


  • Fast emergency evacuation
  • Travels down stairs safely
  • Nobody needs to be carried
  • No congestion in fire escapes
  • Easy operation by one person
  • Lifts are not functional in fire or other emergencies
  • It is easy for people with disabilities to reach the upper levels of a building using the lifts, but what about getting out in an emergency?
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In the event of fire, deaf or hard of hearing people will not be able to hear the fire alarm. Deafgard provides a wire free solution for communicating the sounding of a fire alarm to deaf and hard of hearing people when they are asleep.




Deafgard is a battery powered unit with a pad attachment that goes under the pillow. When the fire alarm sounds, the pillow pad vibrates, LED lights flash and the LCD screen displays ‘fire’.

  • Portable device, requiring no installation
  • Ensures you comply with elements of the Equality Act 2010
  • Independence for the user
  • Peace of mind for friends and family
  • Alarm clock facility
  • Ideal for hotels, care homes and sheltered housing
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