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Construction industry is one of the major global businesses. It involves a number of skilled workers such as civil engineers, electricians, plasterers, tile layers, lift installers, carpenters, etc. There are also architectural and technical preparations. All stakeholders involved have their legal obligations in accordance to Health and Safety Regulations.

We provide the Client with professional services of our qualified OHS inspectors commencing from the design stages documentations and continue with regular presence to observe; record and correct any hazardous activity. Continual monitoring of the works in view of the health and safety control measures shall safeguard workers on the project site and third parties in the vicinity. Our qualified inspectors will ensure the utmost safety to all persons present on a construction site, this is achieved by carrying out tool box talks with the workers present on site, issue permits to work, filling out appropriate checklists for scaffold or vehicles etc, if applicable, obtaining certifications for plant, machinery or other relevant equipment used on site and continually keeping a constant correspondence with the client, informing him on all the happenings on site, forwarding pictures with markings on hazardous practices or suggested control measures.